What it is

'Chivalry' (also referred to as 'New Chivalry', or 'Applied Chivalry', depending on context) is a modern approach toward consciously living one's life within the framework set by 'historical', or 'original' Chivalry.

It is both a framework for applying Chivalry to one's everyday life, as well as a curriculum for studying a martial art. It is not required that one study the martial art in order to apply and study Chivalry.

This new holistic approach to Chivalry may be defined in three ways:

1) As a Martial Art

2) As a philosophic and moral framework

3) As a group of people who share Chivalry as a point of interest



The structure of the martial art has three core components:

  1. 1) Physical
  2. 2) Intellectual
  3. 3) Spiritual

All the lessons are based upon historical sources to maintain authenticity. This triage structure is based upon the fundamental aim that the syllabus should attempt an holistic, and historically accurate form of original Chivalry. Each stage of training progresses from one encompass the next, so that the curriculum looks like this:

TIRO - Physical - Training the body to affect the mind

LUSOR - Intellectual - Training the mind to affect the soul

LICENTIATUS - Spiritual - Training the body, mind and soul

Chivalry is not 'owned' per se, but is a collective effort based upon sharing and learning to improve our lives through Chivalry. Our role is simply to establish a firm basis for research, as well as act as a resource center for access to that research.

We don't believe that Chivalry can be bought or sold, or accessed via 'membership'. It is accessible to anyone, and make everything available which might aid in one's personal journey through Chivalry. Our only interest is in support and mutual sharing of ideas and experiences.

What makes us a bit different?

At the time of writing (August 2014), the following aspects and features are understood to be unique to New Chivalry, and therefore might be used to potentially mark our points of difference. These some of these aspects might be found in isolation in other schools or approaches, but the combination of these items create the defining characteristics of Chivalry, as our martial art:

1) We place equal and balanced focus on Physical, Theoretical, Moral aspects of historical Chivalry (artes liberales, and theology 'baked in')

2) We have a fully rounded Code of Chivalry based upon Scholasticism and Christian doctrines, not one based upon popular culture perspectives (i.e. that Chivalry simply means that one should be courteous to women)

3) We've got our own Roadmap known as the 'HEMA Roadmap' (applying Stemmatology, Extensive Cross-comparison, tackling the whole body of sources available using Cybernetics)

4) Use of Latin terminology to cut passed local naming conventions

5) Study of Wrestling, and 'so-called' Customary Fencing (Gebräuchlich Fechtens) before anything else

6) Informed by the Cybernetics of conflict (Eskirmology)

7) An holistic curruculum based upon all sources available, not exclusive or exclusionist based upon source nationality or authorship

Who we are

We're not a big organisation, just a small, humble bunch of people who have come together because we aim to do the following:

1) Research based upon the HEMA Roadmap, as well as other models for consistant research

2) Generate resources, and to offer them to anyone, as a means to stimulate interests and talking points in the spirit of learning

3) Share our passion, and our research honestly, transparently and sincerely whilst collaborating in the spirit of enthusiam and truth

Our mission


• To investigate, enquire, perpetually research the topic using a variety of different approaches and perspectives. To question, and requestion what we 'think' we know about HMA.

• To develop ourselves to be the mirrors of Chivalry by means of daily application, genuinely and qualitively. To strive towards the highest goals in Chivalry, and be the best we can be.

• To extend the benefit of this lifestyle to others, to raise awareness of its existence, and to proliferate the values of Chivalry to others.




To be able to account for each and every component of the Art as historically accurate. We study the Art holistically, without too much reference to nationality or source, placing the focus upon techniques rather than citations. However, we always ensure that citations are available for those who wish to check them, or explore them personally. As defined in our Roadmap, our interest is in Martial Truth first and foremost, then the sources are our means to reaching it, but they are not our masters.


Because our approach is informed by a wider statistical analysis and practical experience of the martial arts, we know that the techniques are also functionally sound. Having made cybernetic assessments of many different martial arts from around the world, we know what makes them effective, how they are structured, what parts of their structure favours their function et al, which we use to inform our approach in Chivalry.


Very few martial arts are designed purely for physical exercise. This is because the longer one trains, the more meaningful the exercise becomes. Once a practitioner reaches this kind of level of proficiency, the Art takes on much deeper meaning that simply exercises. Our approach is based upon the artes liberales (Liberal Arts), consisting of a Seven-fold path which occurs at the upper levels of instruction. We also consult Christian doctrines which formed the basis of Chivalry in the middle ages. Our studies of Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, 'The Book of Wisdom', the Gospels, the Psalms and the Proverbs outline a deep philosophic basis to what we do, but need not be any more intrusive to practitioners than learning about the Taiji, or Yin/Yang when studying an Asian martial art. We're interested in explore the rich philosophic and spiritual culture inherit in European thought.



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